BRI Partners with Move to Learn on Prekindergarten Literacy Videos

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Our friends at Move To Learn have just released 4 new videos supporting preschool literacy! The Barksdale Reading Institute is a proud partner in this creative project (aligned with the Mississippi College & Career Readiness Standards). Marion McBride (Manager, Program Design) and Dr. Michael Cormack contributed to the creative vision and writing of the new songs. Greer Proctor Dickson (BRI Literacy Coach) also provided linguistic support on the day of the video shoot. Dr. Cormack even stepped into the booth to sing and rap on two of the new songs.

The latest editions include:

  1. Mississippi Trip – A musical exploration of the state of Mississippi that teaches students to say the initial sounds in words (MCCR RF.K.2.d standard).
  2. I Want to Rhyme – A song all about the fun of rhyming words. Students learn that rhyming words sound the same at the end (MCCR RF.K.2a standard).
  3. Let’s Make A Change – This song teaches students to change the first sound in words they hear (MCCR RF.K.2.e standard).
  4. Syllable Stomp – Students will be clapping, stomping, and counting out the syllables they hear in words with this video (MCCR RF.K.2.b standard).

Check out all four at Move to Learn!

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